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released March 11, 2014



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Track Name: The Garden
The Garden

I entered the Garden of
Hope and I found you’re were gone

I waited for you
It wasn’t just me

Who knew you couldn’t cope
Love sat beside your Throne

What was I to do
It wasn’t for me

to judge
or to lie

leave the dark, awake, you’re free

This is Light
For this is Life

You flew to the Man above
The mails that you left not long ago
Are covering the tears and comforting me with your love

Please don’t leave me

I fled from the Garden of
Grief and I dreamt of where you’d gone
And heard your heart
Beat out of stars

This is love
This is Love
Track Name: The Beast
The Beast

Mind and sick case of the heart
Cold and restless numb and down
My friend he said to check my words
In case i`d say things i`d regret
The beast got left alone

I want to wake up and return
To a life when time just seemed to flow
But now I struggle to enjoy
Whats left of clear things that occur
You`re calling
You`re mourning

I`m proud of all that i`ve achieved
I`m scarred by some deep mystery
I`m trying so hard for my rebirth
So I, I can breathe again
Track Name: The Fever
The Fever

I`m feeling the fever, I never let rivers sink my teeth in her tears
I m breathing happier, our future, our guess is hidden in our last surprise

Pull through – Hold your head… upright

It comes out at night, the fever. I`ve placed her, much bigger, she lives near my nerve replies
I`m healing, reliever, i`ll come to the seizure, she`s the dreamer`s sky

Pull through – Hold your head… upright
Track Name: Into the Dust
Into the Dust

From seizure, progress and the end of decline
Into the dust
Descend into the dust

The nearest and dearest used concern, London sleeps
Into the dust
Passed into the dust

Tears are streaming like a behavior that makes you rush
Into the dust
To the air and to the dust

To the rescue
Monumental loss
I forgave you
But still bear your cross

I cut the poster placed in frames that now sits in your house
Into the dust
My deed is to the dust

I`ve been waiting to wash my body clean, my shirt is on your spouse
Into the dust
It`s now into the dust

To the rescue
Monumental loss
I forgave you
But still bear your cross

Listen, I have never meant to take what`s mine
Into the dust
All into the dust

Freed by my new beginning, I`m erased from your mind
Into the dust
Fell into the dust

To the rescue
Monumental loss
I forgave you
But still bear your cross
Track Name: Cold in the Water
Cold In the Water

Prose and nouns and open vowels will help my head get clear
Complicated, extra hated fear for four failed years

Its cold in the water

Jerry bled for months on end, a friend pretends to hear
He paid the price, bought something nice, and licked his wounds to heal

It`s cold in the water

A million time will a hundred years be lived by men who have wrong ideas
Who will feel the shame, who will feel the weight of the choice of home or another mate
But I`m asking please but not on my knees:
Shall we reach dry land and get out of here
Shall we reach dry land and get out of fear

Cos it`s cold in the water
Track Name: Wild Waste of Years
Wild Waste of Years

Henry lies asleep in peace beside
The Tree of Surrender

Henry bides his human life inside
The Tree of Surrender

Only to find that the smile revealed a wild waste of years

Henry`s arms they felt the shade that made
The Tree of Surrender

Henry`s hands they touched the roots that lined

So he became the tree
So it caught on fire

Henry roared like thunder while within
The Tree of Surrender

Henry howled from deep inside the bark
In splendour
Track Name: In Veils
In Veils

In Veils and drowned in tears
You’re all to me my love
Who robbed the trees of flowers
These are the days when birds should come

You’re wasting our time x2

I hope she was complete

You haunt the hills of Horizon
I’ll fly to you my love
You robbed the moon of colour
I’ll tell you just once, those clouds will never go

I wasted our time
We’re wasting our time

I hope she was complete
Track Name: The Mountains
The Mountains

Our hearts firing
Gasping and mouthing
We are the giants
Guarding from the mountains

Our eyes crying
Our tongues lying
Healing the giants
Watching from the towers

Our love gone now
Our lives ageing
Fearing the giants
Breathing from the oceans

Our grounds are crumbling
Our arms reaching
Even the giants
Are falling from the mountains

The oceans
The towers
The giants
Track Name: The Ill Fate of True Love Hurts
The ill fate of true love hurts

We paved the town
Until we broke again
So charming Naples, she won't ever seem the same
The brute red heat
Of mount Vesuvius
It made me know that what`s between un is all a play

True love hurts

Just fun is safer
My mind is half cup
And empty spaces plenty faces lead astray

I`m strangely sober
Expressed intentions aside
I want to show you that forever and a day

True love hurts
Track Name: The Vivian Fields
The Vivian Fields

I love you daughter
I ve fallen into her heart
Oh the disorder
Its true you re my Joan of Arc

It`s nearer to summer
consider our rosy start
broke into forever
propelled our devoted spark

Vivian believed in
Fields that were overgrown
Vivian she breathed in
Fields that were left alone

Hurt by the shudder
that pervades when I m in the blue
my mind has a trigger
I m healing because of you
Track Name: The Saviour , *The Wolves of Winter*
The Saviour

A guy fell into the sea
I jumped in desperately
Four kids looked on, stood by
You won't believe just what transpired

I pulled him out from the waves
Exhausted on the rocks we lay
`watch out cos the see can be real mean`
`hey` I said , `you look just like me`
it`s you
Track Name: The Woman Who Cares
The Woman Who Cares

Sure, the woman who cares
Although she sleeps with innocence
Inside she knows
For the mattress creaks so loud
And she’s woken out of bed
And the walls that she surrounds
Engulf her shadows

For the love of a coward at sea
But nothing looks easy to me
We came from the Sun and the Sand
I know I’m alone in the end
You said I’m a dreamer
For the woman who cares
She believes what she can’t see
No decisions are best
For Love

Let me withstand
From the silence of man
Cut out the Sun and the Sand
You're walking a sea that is banned
It’s you again
I lose again
We have lost again
We have lost again

The woman who cares
Followed the streets of the night
Walked into the callous side of the world
We can all laugh at the way that she coped
With the streetlights and the cars, and the fallen brown leaves
But she'll never come back, and you’ll never go to sleep
We shake it off hard and it falls at our feet
The woman drowns into my sea of